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From Ian Springer <>
Subject Re: MUWS 1.0
Date Thu, 10 Mar 2005 16:43:04 GMT
Hello Corey,

Indeed we are gearing up to implement MUWS 1.0. There is an OASIS MUWS 
1.0 interop event that is coming up, probably sometime in April. Our 
goal is to successfully participate in the interop w/ Muse. As you may 
know, the current 0.5 version of Muse includes its own impls of WSRF and 
WSN 1.1; it is not based on the Apollo and Hermes projects. The plan for 
Muse 1.0 is to start from scratch, building on top of Apollo and Hermes. 
In SVN, we will move the current muse trunk to a v0.5 branch, and start 
fresh in the trunk w/ 1.0. This should happen very soon, possibly today.

I am in the process of populating the Apollo, Hermes, and Muse JIRA 
projects with issues for all of the tasks that need to get done. Once 
this is done, I'll post announcements to the lists. I highly encourage 
you to volunteer to take on one or more of the tasks. There is plenty of 
stuff to be done. If you haven't already, I recommend familiarizing 
yourself w/ Apollo and Hermes, since they will be the foundation for 
Muse 1.0.

Ian wrote:

>Now that MUWS 1.0 has been ratified, is there going to be work to be done
>on Muse?
>Looking in Jira, I don't see any issues.  I would be happy to work on
>Muse, but I would like to know what is being worked on and what needs
>working to avoid duplicating other people's efforts.
>Does someone need to go through the 1.0 Spec and enter issues for
>differences between Muse and MUWS 1.0? (I may be able to help with that
>Corey Gerritsen
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