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From Daniel Jemiolo <>
Subject updates, new submissions, and next steps
Date Sun, 21 May 2006 20:36:08 GMT
Hi everyone,

This afternoon I updated some of our previous submissions to JIRA and 
added some new ones. The older submissions were updated to include some 
fixes as well as the ASF 2.0 copyright header. The newer submissions were 
for our WSN 1.3 and WSDM 1.1 implementations (a previous submission 
included WEF, but not MUWS). This should cover all of the spec 
dependencies that WSDM 1.1 has.

Our previous code base had a WSDL-to-Java-like proxy generator that was 
used by our Eclipse tooling to generate bean-like proxies for 
manageability interfaces. Obviously this CLI tooling is key, and it needs 
to be extended to cover service-side project generation as well. Another 
IBM developer, Andrew Eberbach, is working on this extension and would 
like to contribute his first-pass to JIRA once he has all of the basics 
worked out later this week (including s/ibm/apache). For now, I hope the 
old and new test projects that have been uploaded can serve as the basis 
for conversation about what's good and what's bad.

I am currently working on the ASF IP Clearance form. Once I have that ball 
rolling, I will focus on the Axis2 support, and would love for it to be a 
group effort. I'm not an expert user with Axis2, but I want to make Muse 
fit on Axis2 in the best way possible. We're also interested in supporting 
the latest version of OSGi, an implementation of which can be found in 
Eclipse 3.2. Between platform support and the spec code we've submitted, I 
hope we can start development discussions soon. :)


Dan Jemiolo
IBM Corporation
Research Triangle Park, NC

+++ I'm an engineer. I make slides that people can't read. Sometimes I eat 
donuts. +++

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