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From Daniel Jemiolo <>
Subject This week's business
Date Thu, 09 Nov 2006 14:11:30 GMT
I'm sick a with a bad sore throat today, so I'd like to handle this week's 
business over email as talking is hard. Here are the things I wanted to 
make sure everyone was aware of:

1. Dan & Andrew have 3 of 4 legal approvals needed and may be able to 
commit new feature code as early as today. The vast majority of the 2.1 
items in JIRA, then, will be handled before Friday's code freeze. Look for 
a sea of commit messages and a new nightly build

2. I would like to extend the code freeze by a few days for the muse-tools 
module, as Andrew wasn't asked to provide code gen support for both the 
mini platform and a change in the Axis2 platform until last week, when he 
already had TPTP obligations. The former is a matter of adding a new 
projectizer to WSDL2Java (meaning it won't affect existing code); the 
latter is caused by the fix for MUSE-141.

3. The fix for MUSE-141 also causes another interesting issue: we need 
Axis2 1.1 RC 2 jar files to build muse-platform-axis2 because this driver 
breaks behavior compatibility with the 1.0 release. The 1.1 jar files 
aren't in Maven yet because it hasn't been released yet.

        a. I have a zip file with the updates developers need to make to 
their local Maven repositories; I will put this jar in All you'll have to do is unzip it in your 
repository directory and the new build will work. When Axis2 1.1 Final is 
released, Maven will see the update in and automatically 
replace your local jars with the new jars.

        b. I will post the Axis2 1.1 RC 2 on /build/lib, but with a 
different file name from the current WAR, since it is not backwards 
compatible. When we release 2.1, we will start supporting the new WAR and 
ask people to upgrade. This is not ideal but I don't see any way around it 
as the Axis2 decision is not in our hands.

4. I would like to propose a minor change in the command line processing 
for WSDL2Java: add -axis2 and -mini options for project selection, as this 
will not favor any one platform and will make users more aware of their 
otpions. If we have a default, I propose -mini (including w/ OSGi usage). 


Dan Jemiolo
IBM Corporation
Research Triangle Park, NC

+++ I'm an engineer. I make slides that people can't read. Sometimes I eat 
donuts. +++

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