I would like to ask for a vote to give committer status on the Apache Muse project to Vinh Nguyen. In the past year, Vinh has established himself as one of our most experienced and knowledgeable users, diving into the guts of the Muse code to find bugs, write patches, and suggest improvements. Many of the patches and suggestions he has contributed were the result of hours of study of the Muse code base, and today he continues to work on some of the thorniest problems that surround XML schemas, reflection, and performance. I believe that Vinh's experience of incorporating Muse into 'real world' Cisco software will be valuable to the project and help guide its future direction.

Committers, please vote by Thursday so we can announce a decision before our conference call. Here's my +1 for Vinh.


Dan Jemiolo
IBM Corporation
Research Triangle Park, NC

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