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From "Vinh Nguyen (vinguye2)" <>
Subject axis2 1.3
Date Thu, 03 Apr 2008 18:52:41 GMT
I had a chance to evaluate Apache Axis2 1.3 lately, and it has a lot
more features than 1.2.  It has built-in support for several data
binding tools (i.e. Axiom, ADB, JIBX, XmlBeans), and it supports a few
other transports (i.e. HTTP, TCP, JMS, etc).
Will there be any plans to upgrade Muse to support Axis2 1.3?  In
particular, we're currently using Muse 2.2.0 with XmlBeans 2.2.0, and we
have to write explicit serializers for each XmlBean type we expose to
muse.  With Axis2 1.3 support, users should be able to avoid creating
these serializers...unless they don't use one of the data binding
options provided by Axis2.
Axis2 1.3 was released August 2007, so I have yet to really use it
extensively to see how stable it is.

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