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From "Vinh Nguyen (vinguye2)" <>
Subject RE: [VOTE] new committers
Date Mon, 21 Apr 2008 20:08:03 GMT
+1 for all 4 from me, too!


From: Daniel Jemiolo [] 
Sent: Monday, April 21, 2008 12:29 PM
Subject: [VOTE] new committers

Lately there has been a lot of talk on the Muse mailing list about
pulling all of contributions from the last year together and creating a
2.3 release. Of course, it won't be as simple as that: there are lots of
new features and plenty of important bug fixes based on real world
experience with the code, but unfortunately, the current committers have
been pulled away to other projects. I think that it's time to nominate
some new committers, people who have shown that they can maintain and
grow the Muse code base through their code contributions and time
volunteered helping others on the mailing list.

Below is the list of people that I am nominating to take on the
responsibility of shaping, testing, and delivering Muse 2.3.0; they will
be joined by existing committers Vinh Nguyen (Cisco) and Joel Hawkins

Saurabh Dravid - Saurabh initially worked on the Eclipse TPTP project,
building Eclipse tooling for Muse users. Much of his bug reporting (and
solving) is split between Apache and Eclipse bug trackers, but together
these two sources show that he is very comfortable getting knee deep in
the code and solving problems. With that knowledge under his belt,
Saurabh is now contributing new features around security and resource
discovery, things that are crucial to deployers and could not be
completed without lots of intense study and determination.

Balan Subramanian - Everything I said about Saurabh can be applied
equally to Balan. Balan has also spent years handling the legal and
administrative issues surrounding open source development with Apache
and Eclipse (from a corporate perspective), and is well-suited to review
new contributions and ensure that due diligence is in place for all of
them; the 2.3 contributions come from sources that are more disparate
than ever, so this skill and patience is important.

Chris Twiner - Chris Twiner is a 'real world' user of Muse who has found
and cracked many tough problems in the code base. In my personal
opinion, his contributions on MUSE-270[1] alone are enough to warrant
nomination, but his involvement is not limited to this. In addition to
being a significant code contributor, Chris is an active mailing list
problem solver who often has insight that the original developers could
not have had when they first wrote the code; he has also shown the tact
and resourcefulness that I think is required to balance the needs of new
users with the desire of developers to move forward.

Kam Yee - Kam has made strong contributions in an area that is extremely
important but often overlooked because of its difficulty: he has created
a test harness for Muse FVT and SVT, including WS-* spec compliance.
This is something that we've wanted for a very long time, but the
complexity of WS-* deployment and testing has pushed it to the bottom of
the list. I think Kam's work will be key to ensuring that we don't have
regressions in spec compliance or in the tedious-but-important
WSDL/SOAP/codegen issues that we face all the time.

Committers and PMC members: please reply to muse-dev and general with
your votes. You can either send one vote for all or vote for each
individual separately. 

Here is my +1 for all four nominees.



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