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From Andrea Gazzarini <>
Subject GetResourcePropertyDocument >> UnknownResourceFault question
Date Thu, 26 Feb 2009 06:24:00 GMT
Hi all, I'm testing the WSRP Muse interface against the WSRP specs.
Well, it seems that it's working but I have a question concerning
I can get that exception instead of a generic soap fault simply using
WsResourceRouter instead of SimpleResourceRouter.
Well, when a request is made for a resource that doesn't exists, the
mentioned fault is returned (in the detail section) : a message is written

There is no resource available at the given EPR:

(unknwown endpoint reference details)

The problem (from my point of view) is the next section in the reported
fault. The response contains all existing EPRs! What is the problem? If I'm
an intruder and I want to know all the
EPRs on a given node, then I simply need to send a request that contains an
unknown resource (and we know that is an easy thing!)

That's exactly what I've done for my test. I have a service group and
service members. First I get the service group address, then I get a service
After that, the service member points to a valid WS-Resource. Before using
that, I replace the resource id  with an inexistent one :


<soap:Envelope xmlns:soap="">
        <wsa:To xmlns:wsa=""></wsa:To>
        <wsa:Action xmlns:wsa=""></wsa:Action>
        <wsa:MessageID xmlns:wsa="
        <wsa:RelatesTo RelationshipType="wsa:Reply" xmlns:wsa="
        <wsa:From xmlns:wsa="">
                <qman-wsa:ResourceId wsa:IsReferenceParameter="true"
                    xmlns:qman-wsa="" xmlns:wsa="">lablabalbal</qman-wsa:ResourceId>
                <soap:Text>[ID = 'DestinationUnreachable'] There is no
resource available at the given EPR:

&lt;wsa:EndpointReference xmlns:wsa="
            wsa:IsReferenceParameter="true" xmlns:wsa="

The existing EPRs hosted by this endpoint are:

&lt;wsa:EndpointReference xmlns:wsa="
    &lt;wsa:ReferenceParameters xmlns:wsa=""/&gt;


                <wsrf-rw:ResourceUnknownFault xmlns:wsrf-rw="">
                    <wsrf-bf:Timestamp xmlns:wsrf-bf="

Is that correct?


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