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From "Campana Jr., Salvatore J" <>
Subject RE: Notifying Multiple Subscribers
Date Tue, 16 Aug 2005 16:10:40 GMT
You could bypass the spec-defined mechanisms and totally use our
internal mechanisms to register an object which implements the correct
interface to be notified when a notification occurs.  Please realize
that if the NotificationConsumer is representated as a web service, then
it is stateless and its handle is not maintained so you would need to
maintain that....
Can you explain what you are trying to accomplish and maybe we can
better help...


From: Paramasivam, Arul Jothi (Cognizant)
Sent: Tuesday, August 16, 2005 9:54 AM
Subject: RE: Notifying Multiple Subscribers

Can a Notification Consumer register a notify action operation with the
Notification Producer?  Please respond.  Thanks.

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	From:   Paramasivam, Arul Jothi (Cognizant)  
	Sent:   Tuesday, August 16, 2005 5:28 PM 
	To:     '' 
	Subject:        Notifying Multiple Subscribers 


	We are building a proto-type to demonstrate the Pubscribe event
management capabilities. 


	*	RS1 is a WS Resource are managed by a Subscription
manager and Notification Producer (RS1_Producer). 
	*	Let us say RS1 has three properties RS1_Prop1,
RS1_Prop2, RS1_Prop3 
	*	Notification Producer has exposed RS1_Topic1 with all
three properties for subscription. 
	*	Notification consumers (RS1_Topic1_Consumer1,
RS1_Topic1_Consumer2) has subscribed for the topic RS1_Topic1. 

	When RS1 resource properties are modified, How will the
consumers (RS1_Topic1_Consumer1, RS1_Topic1_Consumer2)  get triggered?

	Where will the consumers listening for recieving the
notification messages in Base Notification? 

	How will the notification message result in action of invoking
consumer operation? 

	Arul Paramasivam 

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