Hi ,
   I have tried with consumer and filesystem example.
I have implemented the notify method in my XXXconsumerservice(generated)  program.
a. I have subscribed the consumer (using SOAP subscribe request)
b. I have updated the property in filesystem comment filed(using SOAP setproperty request)
When I update the property, the program control is not coming to 'notify' method of consumer. Please let me know what could be the issue.
Sample subscribe soap message:
<Envelope xmlns="http://schemas.xmlsoap.org/soap/envelope/"
      <wsa:To mustUnderstand="1">http://localhost:8080/pubscribe/services/pubtestservice</wsa:To>
      <wsa:Action mustUnderstand="1">http://docs.oasis-open.org/wsn/2004/06/WS-BaseNotification/Subscribe</wsa:Action>
         <wsnt:ConsumerReference xmlns:ncex="http://ws.apache.org/resource/pubtest/pubtestNotifConsumer">
         <wsnt:TopicExpression Dialect="http://docs.oasis-open.org/wsn/2004/06/TopicExpression/Simple">npex:Comment</wsnt:TopicExpression>
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Anand what you are looking for is a client API which we currently do not have...
That being said I can give you some pointers for your questions:
>>1. How the consumers("who subcribed the topic") will get notified automatically. How to implement this. Please provide me samples.
Consumers subscribe for notifications.  Part of their subscription is a URL which is the location they expect to recieve the notifications at.  You do not need to do anything, Pubscribe does this for you in the case of prop change events.
If you want to see it happen, then send a subscribe request and use localhost:9111 , then use a tcp listener on port 9111 to listen for incoming messages....you will then need to invoker a SetResourceProp request and modify the resource property to trigger an event.  The included Consumer and Filesystem example can be used to help you along.
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