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From "Campana Jr., Salvatore J" <>
Subject RE: PubScribe FileSystem example..
Date Mon, 01 May 2006 13:42:54 GMT
Please review the tutorial...Basically all your props need to be
initialized else you will have issues...While we generate most of this
for you, you will need to initialize them...Since you are using
FileSystem, the whole process is documented...


-----Original Message-----
From: Ramot Lubis [] 
Sent: Sunday, April 30, 2006 10:41 PM
Subject: PubScribe FileSystem example..


i was trying to deploy FileSystem service example on pubscribe. I even
tried to create all FileSystem classes using
 and I suppose that all FileSystem classes are not to be modified.
But, somehow, they are not  working fine on my pubscribe installation.
So, when I try to debug, I found that the error was in:

topicExpressionDialectsProp );

line 138 of

the error was NullException.

when I commented the line out. It was working fine. FileSystem service
is running and I can send Subscribe, GetCurrentMessage and they are
working fine.

Where did I do wrong? Because I shouldn't change the as it's auto generated!

There must be somewhere wrong, but I've got no clues.

Does anybody have experience deploying FileSystem example and give

thanks in advance?

Ramot Lubis.

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