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From Leonardo Lemes <>
Subject Re: Pubscribe
Date Mon, 03 Oct 2005 13:37:45 GMT
Hi Sal,
just one more thing:

On 9/28/05, Sal Campana <> wrote:
> 1) Yes. GetResourceProperty on the Topic property returns all Topics
> for which you can subscribe...This is the intent of this resource
> property. It's the best choice.


2) Take a look at the class our scripts reference for sending requests.
> You could use the class and capture the input to
> XmlBean.Factory.parse(...) and get an object which you could then work
> with. You are basically asking about a client, and there are plenty of
> ways of doing it I've only mentioned one.

Here I didn't get it. Which class? Could you please clarify just a little
Has someone already implemented some kind of client? Do you intend to
distribute it in the nexts versions?

3) I suspect that you've sent the destroy request to the wrong
> endpont. The response to a subscribe returns an EPR which not only
> gives you the UUID of your subscription, but also it provides the TO
> filed which tells you where to send requests. In order to interact with
> your subscription you will need to make sure our scripts' url field is
> set to the returned TO location (which is actually the
> SubscriptionManager service)

Ok. I was sending it to the FileSystem and not to the SubscriptionManager.
Now is everything working fine here.
Thank you, Leonardo Lemes

 Leonardo Lemes wrote:
> >Hi all, I am new to Pubscribe and I have just installed it sucessfully
> >(Pubscribe 1.0). Now I am executing some requests of the filesystem
> example
> >and I would like to ask you:
> > 1) Which is the request I should send to the service to obtain all the
> >available properties to which I can do a subscription (from the
> >FileSystemPortType)?
> >I have tried the GetResourceProperty_Topic.soap request. Is this the
> rigth
> >and best choice?
> > 2) When I receive the response message above, it is printed on the
> screen.
> >Ok. But how could I catch the response to run a parser over it and so
> seed
> >an management application with the informarion I just took from the
> >response?
> > 3) I am trying to destroy a subscription also, but it is not working.
> What
> >I have done so far here is: I do a subscription, for example, with the
> >Subscribe_updateMountPointProp.soap request, copy the "uuid" from the
> >response, and paste this "id" in the "Destroy_Subscription.soap" this way
> ><sub:ResourceIdentifier mustUnderstand="1"> here I paste the uuid
> ></sub:ResourceIdentifier>. But when I send this request, it does not
> work. I
> >receive the following message:
> >-----
> >
> >[echo] ========================== RESPONSE ============================
> >[soapClient] SOAP request failed with HTTP status: 500 Internal Server
> Error
> >[soapClient] <?xml version=" 1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?><soapenv:Envelope
> >xmlns:soapenv="
> >ope/" xmlns:xsd="" xmlns:xsi="
> >">
> >[soapClient] <soapenv:Body>
> >[soapClient] <soapenv:Fault>
> >[soapClient] <faultcode>soapenv:Client</faultcode>
> >*[soapClient] <faultstring>The expected resource identifier reference
> >parameter named {
> >ample/filesystem}ResourceIdentifier was not found in the SOAP
> >header.</faultstring>
> >*[soapClient] <detail/>
> >[soapClient] </soapenv:Fault>
> >[soapClient] </soapenv:Body>
> >[soapClient] </soapenv:Envelope>
> >Total time: 1 second
> >-------
> > What I am doing wrong? Could you help me?
> > Thanks a lot
> > Leonardo Lemes
> >
> >
> >

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