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From "prateek jain" <>
Subject Issue with WS-Notification
Date Wed, 24 May 2006 10:39:48 GMT
Hi all,
       I am trying to make a WSRF based Registry Web service,which
inturn is a consumer to other WSRF based Web services based on factory

My Registry Web service,keeps a record of all the instantiated
resource instances of the other Web services which are based on
Factory pattern i.e for every user a new Resource Instance is being
created.. The Registry Web service has to be updated using
WS-Notification.The issue which I am facing is

Lets say,I have a resource property called Value of Web service A. Now
there are two instances of this resource property Value.Grid Registry
subscribes itself to listen to this topic Value.Now,when Client1
changes its instance of the resource property Value,Registry will
receive a notification.Similar thing will happen when Client2 will
change its resource instance.

Is there some way,through which Registry identify which Client has
changed its instance or which resource instance has been changed.This
is necessary to update the Registry if the state of these resources
change.One of the ways,which I could think of is to somehow send the
EPR of  the resource.Using EPR Registry can identify the resource
instance and update it.

If some one can help me out by suggesting some way or pointing some
flaw in my approach,I will appreaciate it a lot.

Please help



Prateek Jain

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