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From qibo <>
Subject New user: problems using the tutorial
Date Wed, 26 Jul 2006 13:53:55 GMT

Hi all,

I'm new in Pubscribe, and I have encountred some problems following the
steps listed in the tutorial:

- When deploying, I got the "UnknownHostException:"
error, even if  I had done the proxy settings in the property file. So I
loaded the "" file on my work directory and gave the
"wsrf-config.xml" and "Filesystem_wsrf-config.xml" files its path instead of
the URL. It worked, but each time I restarted the deploiement, I had to
change the URL by the path in these files. Which is not practicall at all.
I'm asking if there is a way to set the path of  "" file in
the "wsrf-config.xml" and "Filesystem_wsrf-config.xml" files automatically
at generation (I mean does this url (or path) depend on a given parameter
that can be modified or is it a property of pubscribe itself)?

- When the deployment is successful, I can not see the filesystem service in
the http://localhost:8080/pubscribe/services web page. Can anyone tell me
where is the problem?

Thanks for all your help


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