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From dilly <>
Subject Plan for updating axis(yes it is axis 1 not 2)
Date Thu, 07 Oct 2010 06:13:40 GMT
 Hi, I am a newcomer to this mailing list.
I have used axis 1 in servial projects as an experienced user, it is a
good choice for the web server with jdk 1.4 or lower.

But it is a pity for long-time-no-updating situation. There are many
outdated links which are not valid and misleading. Also, some tiny
mistakes lie in the document. Besides, serival bugs live in the JIRA for
a long time.

So as a man who wants to do something for axis 1, I have a plan for
updating axis 1.
1.Update the document and the axis 1 site web pages to correct the
outdated links which are not valid anymore, e.g., the mailing list
2.Update the document with axis 1 package, remove tiny mistakes.
3.If possible, resolve some of the old bugs.

The Ultimate purpose is to announce axis 1.5. It is beyond my
capabilities, at least now. But I can make a small step towards it,
let's say 1.4.1?

So there are the questions: Who will take my ouputs to the svn
repository? And there is still an active axis 1 sponsor ready for
checking my work?

Any response will be grateful, thank you in advance.

dilly(Ma Yu)
Shanghai, China

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