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From George I Matkovits <>
Subject Re: added support for messaging
Date Thu, 14 Sep 2000 17:39:19 GMT
Perhaps we could keep a STABLE version with 'small' incremental extensions and
do a backward compatible rewrite in parallel? What I do not like very much is
the idea of extensions to the basic intent of the SOAP specification itself.
The stable version could be used for experimentation with WSTK like code (IMHO
minimally it would need small extensions for logging (filtering?) and remote
monitoring + your XML headers). The Next Generation could be the base for all
the other +++#  ideas. We would have then two source trees: the WST-Soap (mostly
stable)  and NGSoap (evolving)  in // ?
Regards - George

Sanjiva Weerawarana wrote:

> > IMHO simple extensions (like adding Sanjiva's header processor) are a much
> better
> > approach then a 'from  scratch' rewrite. BUT again I am just a biased Web
> > Services retrograde :-)
> I'm not at all opposed to a rewrite .. when you keep patching
> something to tweak it to do things not originally designed
> for, it ends up being a mess. The only real solution at that
> point is to rewrite it.
> On the other hand, fixing up the existing base gives a platform
> for experimentation and a version to work with until a better
> architected version comes around. Hence, I'm fully supportive
> of both efforts!
> Sanjiva.

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