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From "Matthew Duftler/Watson/IBM" <>
Subject RE: SecureSoap (was SSLSoap) Part 1 of 3.
Date Tue, 05 Sep 2000 16:23:24 GMT


James Snell <> on 09/05/2000 11:40:30 AM

Please respond to

To:   "''" <>
Subject:  RE: SecureSoap (was SSLSoap) Part 1 of 3.

+1 Most Definitely!

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From: Sanjiva Weerawarana []
Sent: Tuesday, September 05, 2000 3:33 AM
Subject: Re: SecureSoap (was SSLSoap) Part 1 of 3.

Hi George,

I would really like to have SSL support for Apache SOAP. Do other
committers agree with this? If so I will nominate Geoerge to
committer status so that we can get this code in.

George, can you please educate me a bit? (I'm afraid I know next
to nothing about this stuff.) Do you change the client-side only?
Can you give a high level explanation of the changes?


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From: "George I Matkovits" <>
To: <>
Sent: Monday, September 04, 2000 12:42 AM
Subject: SecureSoap (was SSLSoap) Part 1 of 3.

> This is  Part (1) with the attachment:
> This is Part1 of the latest version of SSLSoap renamed
> SecureSoap. It
> is based on the latest XLM-SoapV2_0. I am sorry for the
> pretentious name but  I am committed to do the full thing.
> Please read the Design Note -)  in the directory INFO within
> the root directory. This version also handles the Proxy
> configuration via a file. I got its idea
> from Apache Cocoon. IMHO HTTP headers (send & receive ) are
> also handled correctly here. The idea for the 'header
> handling' code  is based on the IBM AplhaWorks NASSL Tool
> Kit since I am far from being an HTTP expert. The debug
> trace for HTTP headers can be controlled by a flag in
> Currently it is on, to allow checking for
> HTTP1.1 keep-alives.
> Any comments would be appreciated.
> Regards - George

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