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From Ryan Lambert <>
Subject WSDL File : VB SOAP Client -> Java Apache SOAP Server
Date Tue, 15 Jan 2002 20:22:56 GMT
I have searched the entire internet ( well it certainly feels like that )
and have not found what I am looking for.
I have a Java SOAP Server running on Apache SOAP and have written a great
Java SOAP Client.
I got a VB SOAP Client to work with some of my Java Server methods ( simple
data types ) but this was using the low level API ( Hard coding the data
types into the VB Client ). Now I want to get my mind around the concept of
a WSDL file that will define the interface for my VB Client.
I have been unable to find much on this topic, many article cover WSDL and
the connection with SOAP, all promise follow-up articles with examples, but
nothing ever develops...
Please, somebody, take the Apache SOAP StockQuote sample and build us all a
VB Client that makes use of a WSDL file and that works !!!
Also, I want to know how the interop is going to work for my Java Server
methods that take / return parameters of Java type DataHandler ??? How will
a VB client break this down to simple types ???
Thanks for your help, somebody, anybody...
( The article on the aims group website did not help, I want the dummies
guide please ! )
+	 Ryan Lambert	
(	 Senior Software Engineer	
8 Inc	
O	 5671 Gibraltar Drive Pleasanton, CA 94588	

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