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From "Noel O'Sullivan" <>
Subject Better HTTP Transport
Date Wed, 09 Jan 2002 04:14:36 GMT
I was having some dfficulty using the SOAPHTTPConnection as my transport
as it lacks some inportant features (even with the latest CVS snapshot,
there's no support for HTTPS proxies that are username/password
protected). One client which does support this is HTTPClient - available

It is very well featured and and supports proxies, realm authentication,
session management, cookies. It also has patches to support many
different SSL providers.

I have written a simple replacement for SOAPHTTPConnection which
leverages HTTPClient - I know you guys probably don't want to introduce a
dependency on HTTPClient into SOAP, but as an alernative transport, it
could make the lives of developers who need these features easier.

If this is on interest, how should I go about submitting the code for


Noel O'Sullivan

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