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From Max Stolyarov <>
Subject Need Help on generating XSD document for RPC Web Service
Date Mon, 21 Jan 2002 17:44:11 GMT
I created a Web Service that has a SOAP interface and which uses RPC
messaging. I am using Apache SOAP2.2 implementation and Tomcat to run the
service. My service is just a simple class registered as a web service, such

public class myservice {

	public Hashtable send( MyMessage msg ) {
		Hashtable ht = new Hashtable();
		return ht;

As part of this class I defined a single method send, which accepts a single
parameter which is an instance of MyMessage class.

public class MyMessage {

	public MyMessage(){};

	public void setMsgID( String id ) {};
	public String getMsgID() { return msgID; };

This class is implemented as a Java Bean.

I have the service working fine, but now I am trying to create an XSD and
WSDL document for it, and that is where I run into a problem. Does anyone
know how to do it and where I can get an example of how to do it. Also,
after creating an XSD document, what should I do to validate an instance XML
documents against defined schemas. Thanks in advance.

Max Stolyarov

Max Stolyarov
3232 Kennicott Ave
Arlington Heights, Illinois  60004
Phone:  (847) 368-7800 x 252  
Facsimile:  (847) 590-8144

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