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From Max Stolyarov <>
Subject RE: Array datatype with SOAP
Date Tue, 22 Jan 2002 15:50:39 GMT

    Thanks for the samples. From your sample messages I can see that you
return an array of objects back to the SOAP client. Would you know how to
express arrays as part of XSD document, such as if I want to define an
object, such as:

public class message{
	private String[] users;
	private String msgID;

	// Setter and getter methods for users
	// and the msgID

How can I represent the above JavaBean using XSD, especially its member
'users' which is an
array of undetermined length.

I tried to define it like,

<element name="message">
			<element name="msgID".../>
			<element name="users" type="SOAP-ENC:Array>
??????????? Is this right,how do I define datatype of array members

The reason I have a problem with this, is because SOAP client libraries from
Apache automatically generate a proper SOAP/HTTP message where the member
'users' is specified as:

<users xmlns:ns2="http://.../soap/encoding/" typy="ns2:Array"

but they don't generate an XSD document that I can have and put into WSDL
file. What I want to do it is to generate a proper XSD document which can
validate XML document for my JavaBean XML representation and put it in WSDL
file. If I am unclear on anything please let me know.

thanks in advance


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From: Andrew Simpson []
Sent: Tuesday, January 22, 2002 9:16 AM
Subject: RE: Array datatype with SOAP

Attached are both deployment descriptor and example SOAP interactions for
arrays of beans.


 Andrew Simpson, SpeechWorks International, Inc.
 695 Atlantic Avenue, Boston, MA 02111, U.S.A.
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From: Max Stolyarov []
Sent: Monday, January 21, 2002 6:50 PM
To: ''
Subject: Array datatype with SOAP

> Hello,
>    Does someone knows how to define elements that have Array data type.
> SOAP-ENC specifications provide for this but somehow I can't figure this
> out.
> Thanks
> Max Stolyarov
> 3232 Kennicott Ave
> Arlington Heights, Illinois  60004
> Phone:  (847) 368-7800 x 252
> Facsimile:  (847) 590-8144

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