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From "Lennert Anne, Telia Net" <>
Subject Reaching perl module with Apache-soap
Date Fri, 11 Jan 2002 10:37:10 GMT
I am new to using SOAP so I could use some help on how to communicate
with a perl module through apache-soap.
I have installed tomcat 4.0.1. and apache-SOAP2.2. 
I can activate all the SOAP clients that comes with the soap package
with out any problems.  
How do I deploy a perl object to apache-SOAP?
I tried with a deploymentDescriptor.xml like this
<isd:service xmlns:isd=""
 <isd:provider type="perl"
  <isd:perl class="Identification" static="false" />  </isd:provider>
How do I set op the call object i my soap client?
I tried with source code like this 
URL url = new URL("perlURL");
Call call = new Call( );
Response resp = call.invoke (url, "" );
Med venlig hilsen/Kind regards
Anne Lennert
Platformsudvikling, Telia Net Danmark
Email: <> 
Telefon: +45 8831 4845
Mobil: +45 2827 4845

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