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From Darren Marvin <>
Subject FW: Size limits on SOAP messages
Date Thu, 31 Jan 2002 15:33:09 GMT
I have just finished a short project that uses SOAP but also requires encryption, digital
signatures and binary transfers. Since these components of SOAP standard are not well supported
I used a similar technique to Jerry. I wrap all data up into a xml string and then apply any
necessary encryption to the string as a whole. For binary transfers I use an Hex encoding
rather than base64. I too have encountered size limitations leading to a need to make multiple
requests to the SOAP server. A better approach would involve a single request and then asynchronous
message responses pushed by the SOAP server. As far as I can tell this is not possible as
This packet wrapping approach has worked well for us but does require that both ends of the
connection understand the wrapping techniques used. This inevitably leads to greater coupling,
something that Web Services try to avoid.
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From: Jerry Birchler []
Sent: 30 January 2002 23:16
Subject: Size limits on SOAP messages

I have encountered a size limitation of 1.4 megs in my payloads. I am using the Microsoft
Soap Toolkit version 2 low API's to send a payload to an Apache Soap 2.2 implementation on
Solaris 8 running iPlanet Application Server 6.0 SP3. I go around some file limitations mentioned
at this site by encoding my data in base64 and treating it like a string on the server. I
am convinced that it is best to simply exploit this technique and write an architecture around
compressing and  breaking large payloads into packets and managing those packets on both client
and server. 
In considering this architecture I am thinking of concepts already applied on the News Servers
and News Readers. A mature publisher/subscriber model with peer to peer replication has a
strong appeal. If only there was a way to administrate user privileges and hide channels then
we'd really have something interesting. Has anyone implemented SOAP on top of NNTP and integrated
that type of service with a web server?  

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