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From Chanoch Wiggers <>
Subject broken support for jdk1.1.8 and earlier
Date Fri, 25 Jan 2002 18:54:05 GMT
Hi, have seen some reported problems for support of soap 2.2 for jdk 1.1.8
and earlier on both 9X and red hat. This appears to be as a result of a call
to getClassLoader() which returns a null to represent the system class
loader in earlier jdks as allowed by the specs.

to circumvent that I've added a line to check for this and try the system
class loader via the static method in the ClassLoader class. I also added a
check for null at the end where the setServletClassLoaderInContext() method
is called.

i've included a diff below for the changes - it's a hack, I am not sure the
significance of not storing a class loader:

<     //getClassLoader() may return null to represent the root or system
class loader (noticeably on 1.1.8 and earlier)
<     if(servletClassLoader == null) {
<       // get system class loader - this method is allowed to return null
too (see added check below)
<       servletClassLoader = ClassLoader.getSystemClassLoader();
<     }
<     if(servletClassLoader != null) {
<       ServerHTTPUtils.setServletClassLoaderIntoContext(servletContext,
>     ServerHTTPUtils.setServletClassLoaderIntoContext(servletContext,
<     }

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