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From "graham glass" <>
Subject RE: Performance of SOAP RPC ?
Date Fri, 18 Jan 2002 09:23:03 GMT
hi there,

the GLUE web services platform gets about 700 messages/second
on a standard PC. (

a lot depends on whether the web services platform makes
use of HTTP 1.1. persistent connections and how fast its XML
parser is.

HTTP is actually pretty efficient and not the culprit.


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From: Herreman, Christophe []
Sent: Friday, January 18, 2002 3:01 AM
To: ''
Subject: Performance of SOAP RPC ?


We are experiencing a problem using RPC; (Apache SOAP 2.2 + tomcat 4.01 +
10Mbit ethernet LAN).

When client and service are running on the same PC, a simple RPC call takes
about 25 msec for the roundtrip.

On the LAN the same RPC call takes about 250 msec !!!

Strangly, both CPUs are barely working at all (5%) and the network load is

We are keeping the HTTP connection open and are re-using the Call object and
we are using application scope objects on the server.

Also we see that the SOAP messages are send in two packets: one for the
header and one for the enveloppe.

Appearently, the server is responding fast enough. We suspect that HTTP is
to blame.

Any ideas ?

What is the normal performance we may expect for RPC call using SOAP?


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