So i have to modify the class Call also ???

Thanx for the info !

Ahmed Dinar wrote:


try this
i had the same problem i changed the class SSLUtils  in the package package;
i passed the SSLSocketFactory to the class call on the method invoke like this

resp = call.invoke(url, "", sf);

        public class SSLUtils {

        /** This method builds an SSL socket, after auto-starting SSL */
        public static Socket buildSSLSocket(String host, int port, SSLSocketFactory factory)
                throws IOException, UnknownHostException
            SSLSocketFactory myfactory = null;

                if (factory == null)
                         myfactory = (SSLSocketFactory)SSLSocketFactory.getDefault();
                         System.out.println("factory null");
                         myfactory = factory;
                         System.out.println("factory not null= "+ myfactory.toString());

                SSLSocket sslSocket =
                (SSLSocket)myfactory.createSocket(host, port);

                if (sslSocket == null)
                        System.out.println("probleme dans la creation de la socket");
                        System.out.println("sslSocket="+ sslSocket.toString());

             * Handshaking is started manually in this example because
             * PrintWriter catches all IOExceptions (including
             * SSLExceptions), sets an internal error flag, and then
             * returns without rethrowing the exception.
             * Unfortunately, this means any error messages are lost,
             * which caused lots of confusion for others using this
             * code.  The only way to tell there was an error is to call
             * PrintWriter.checkError().
            return  sslSocket;

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Hi to all

i tryed some examples to bring SOAP over HTTPS....

i had used Apache+ Mod_SSL + tomcat + apacheSOAP

for the server side there are no problem

bur a custo client (in java don't work) someone can help me ??