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From "Henk Schipper" <>
Subject RE: URGENT: BadTargetObjectURI
Date Mon, 16 Sep 2002 13:50:20 GMT
Hi Tiago,

Have you tried the communication with samples provided with SOAP 2.2?
If those work, at least you have apache configured well. If not, i can
always help you with apache config.
Are you also sure about http://localhost:8080/soap/servlet/rpcrouter ?
Or do you have to go to an other url?



-----Original Message-----
From: Tiago Fernandes Thomaz []
Sent: Monday, 16 September, 2002 1:51 PM
Subject: URGENT: BadTargetObjectURI

Hi SOAP gurus!

I'm facing a quite anoying problem.
I'm using Apache SOAP 2.2 and JBoss2.4.7-Tomcat4.0.4. The problem is due to
the fact that I'm requesting a service urn:SOAP
which has a mapping to a java class provider (com.mypackage.SOAPClass).
This version of JBoss creates all web contexts in a temporary folder like
/tmp/soap.war/web1001/WEB-INF/classes/org/apache/soap/... .
When JBoss starts up it deploys all the content contained in /deploy
directory which has soap.war file with com.mypackage.SOAPClass,
DeployedServices.ds and DeploymentDescriptor.xml files. since the only
service that I want is urn:SOAP which consists on mapping to the java class
provider I previously added those 3 files to soap.war file.
So, when the soap context is generated at JBoss runtime, it has also

My java SOAP client code is:

import java.util.*;
import org.apache.soap.util.xml.*;
import org.apache.soap.*;
import org.apache.soap.rpc.*;
import org.apache.soap.encoding.*;
import org.apache.soap.encoding.soapenc.*;

public class SOAP
  public static void main (String[] args) throws Exception
    URL url = new URL("http://localhost:8080/soap/servlet/rpcrouter");
    String sXML = null;

    for (int i = 0; i < 1; i++)

      sXML = "Hello Tiago!";

      Call call = new Call();
      Vector params = new Vector();
      params.addElement(new org.apache.soap.rpc.Parameter("sXML",
String.class, sXML, null));


      (new TestThread(call, url)).start();

import org.apache.soap.util.xml.*;
import org.apache.soap.*;
import org.apache.soap.rpc.*;
import org.apache.soap.encoding.*;
import org.apache.soap.encoding.soapenc.*;

public class TestThread extends Thread
  Call testCall = null;
  URL  url = null;
  ObjectRequest objR = new ObjectRequest();

  public TestThread(Call testCall, URL url)
    this.testCall = testCall;
    this.url = url;

  public void run()
    try {
      org.apache.soap.rpc.Response resp = testCall.invoke(url, "");

      if (resp.generatedFault())
        Fault fault = resp.getFault();
        System.out.println(this.getName() + " - Fault Code   = " +
        System.out.println(this.getName() + " - Fault String = " +
        System.out.println(this.getName() + " - Fault ActorURI = " +
        System.out.println(this.getName() + " - Fault DetailEntries = " +
        org.apache.soap.rpc.Parameter result = resp.getReturnValue();
        String res = result.toString();
        Object obj = result.getValue();
        String resp2 = obj.toString();
        System.out.println(this.getName()+" - Result: "+resp2);
    catch (Exception e)
      System.out.println(this.getName() + " :Error! - " + e.getMessage());

I keep getting the following error:

SOAP Server: BadTargetObjectURI
Unable to resolve target: com.mypackage.SOAPClass
Fault ActorURI: /soap/servlet/rpcrouter

The question is that if I set the SOAP Service with the wrong name, for


I get another error:

SOAP Server: service "urn:SOA" unknown
Fault ActorURI: /soap/servlet/rpcrouter

which means, I presume, that the servlet rpcrouter couldn't find that
service in DeployedServices.ds, which is different from the first error.
I believe that in the first case, the SOAP request is catched by rpcrouter
but it cannot be mapped to the java class provider.
Am I wrong?
What do you think might be the problem?
I would appreciate a lot any help provided.

My best,

Tiago Fernandes Thomaz

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