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From "Owen D Burroughs" <>
Subject Reusing code
Date Tue, 10 Sep 2002 10:59:04 GMT

I'm currently working on a class for Apache WSIF that will use HTTP Proxy
Authorization. This will require base64 encoding and I'd like to resuse the
code from the org.apache.soap.encoding.soapenc.Base64 class. I have two
questions regarding this:

1) WSIF does not have a dependency on Apache SOAP and so I cannot call the
class directly. Is it acceptable to reuse bits of code from one Apache
project in another Apache project? **
2) The Base64 class source has an IBM license on it. Is this still valid or
is it a mistake and should in fact be an Apache license?

** If I can reuse the code I will obviously credit the original author and
refer to the origin of the code.


Owen Burroughs

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