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From "Owen D Burroughs" <>
Subject Re: Reusing code
Date Wed, 11 Sep 2002 09:56:51 GMT


Thanks for the reply. In answer to your question, WSIF does not have an
Axis dependency either.

It appears that the entire file has already been reused in Axis (minus the
fix?!). I will ask on the axis-dev list to see if anyone knows any more
about it.


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                      10/09/2002 17:33                                                   
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The presence of the IBM license is somewhat troubling.

I note that this file is very similar to org.apache.axis.encoding.Base64.
In fact, the Axis code appears to be the same as was originally checked
Soap, but with an Apache license.  The Axis code appears to be missing the
one update done in Soap, which added javadoc and fixed a pair of bugs (a
pair of lines that read "int rest = len-off;" in the original code were
changed to "int rest = len").  Does WSIF have an Axis dependency?

Scott Nichol

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From: "Owen D Burroughs" <>
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Sent: Tuesday, September 10, 2002 9:42 AM
Subject: Reusing code


I'm currently working on a class for Apache WSIF that will use HTTP Proxy
Authorization. This will require base64 encoding and I'd like to resuse the
code from the org.apache.soap.encoding.soapenc.Base64 class. I have two
questions regarding this:

1) WSIF does not have a dependency on Apache SOAP and so I cannot call the
class directly. Is it acceptable to reuse bits of code from one Apache
project in another Apache project? **
2) The Base64 class source has an IBM license on it. Is this still valid or
is it a mistake and should in fact be an Apache license?

** If I can reuse the code I will obviously credit the original author and
refer to the origin of the code.


Owen Burroughs

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