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From "Tanmay Kumar" <>
Subject Custom Deserializer
Date Thu, 10 Oct 2002 09:34:45 GMT
Hi all,

Apart from using apache SOAP in my project, we have one more specific
requirement for which Is it possible to use the existing/modifying Apache
source code?
If yes, my requirement is that I want to pass a DOM node to unmarshall()
method of a Deserializer (may be Bean or custom) during runtime and get the
Object as return value.
If the DOM node is like this.

<PesronalInformation type="PesronalInformation">

                             <Name type="String">John</Name>

                             <Age type="int"> 25 </Age>

                             <Address type="Address">

                                           <City type="String">NY</City>




For this, I will call SOAPMappingRegistry#mapTypes() in my client program
for both PesronalInformation and Address as they are complex types.

Also some elements may appear in the DOM node or not.
Ex- in one DOM node during runtime, "Age" field may not be there.

Still in that case I should get object as "new
PesronalInformation("John",0,new Address("NY","OldTraffic"))"
Here 0 is the initialized value for "int" datatype.

If I dont put any value for "Age" in my SOAP client program, still SOAP
request message contains the <Age> element.

My question is,  if this <Age> element would not have been there in XML,
still BeanSerializer could have instantiated the proper object ???
If yes, then I may not need a custom deserializer.

If anything is not clear, please let me know. Any feeadback will be highly


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