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From Scott Nichol <>
Subject Re: Transfer
Date Wed, 09 Oct 2002 19:04:31 GMT
Reasons you might want to use SOAP:

1. You want to process the document as soon as it is received
2. You want the sender to know the result of the processing
3. You want to write as little plumbing as possible

Here's what I would do in a couple situations

1 = don't care, 2 = no, 3 = yes

I would use FTP or SSH (if more security is required).

1 = yes, 2 = don't care, 3 = don't care

I would send the document using HTTP POST and write a simple servlet

1 = yes, 2 = yes, 3 = yes

I would use SOAP, which would have the additional benefit of providing a
standard way to document the service if I needed third parties to
interface with my processor.  For ease of coding, I would pass the
document as a parameter (see the Apache SOAP mime sample for code that
does this).  I definitely would use a nightly build of Apache SOAP so
that I could enable gzip encoding, so the document would be compressed
on the fly.

Scott Nichol

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Subject: Transfer

> Can I transfer say a 20 M file via soap? If so how do I wrap that and
> should I be even considering
> SOAP for such a transfer?
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