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From Scott Nichol <>
Subject Re: Server-Side as a Client of other Web Service
Date Tue, 03 Feb 2004 20:21:31 GMT
In this case, I want to change the URL of each of the
Services, so I have one Listener (Listener.class) in
TOMCAT_HOME/shared/classes path (in the same Tomcat
instance of my

All of my listeners are going to use the same class
and class' name.
How could I use another Listener (Listener.class) ?
Where do I have to
put this class ?
If I call the Listener.class from my Service (Caller)
, which of both
Listeners are going to receive it ?

I am having a difficult time understanding what you
are trying to do, possibly because I am unsure of what
"Listener" is.

>From your previous e-mails, I thought your scenario

1. Client calls a service of yours on server A

2. The service on server A does a database lookup to
determine what service to call, then calls that
service on server B

3. The service on B returns a result to the service on
A, which in turn returns something to the client

Now your "issue" is that, for testing, you want server
A and server B to be the same physical machine. 
Typically, there would be no problem with putting all
your services for both server A and server B in one
SOAP webapp.  You seemed interested in having
different URLs for the two logical servers, so I
suggested adding another <Connector> to the Tomcat
server.xml.  This would mean server A would be one
port on the machine (for example, 8080), and server B
would be another port (for example, 8081).

At this point, I do not understand any issue you have
remaining.  Is there something about the code for the
services for server A and server B that prevents the
code for both servers from being installed in a single webapp?

Scott Nichol

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