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From <>
Subject VS: java.lang.NoClassFoundError:javax/mail/MessagingException
Date Tue, 19 Apr 2005 15:46:50 GMT
I have a long time ago developed an Apache/SOAP application
and haven't then no such problems.
Check that this class "MessagingException" is found in some .jar that's
included in your classpath.

	-----Alkuperäinen viesti----- 
	Lähettäjä: Fatma [] 
	Lähetetty: ti 19.4.2005 15:28 
	Aihe: java.lang.NoClassFoundError:javax/mail/MessagingException 

	Hi All,
	   I am using windows XP and I have Tomcat 3.3.2  and Soap 2.3.1 installed.
	I have mail.jar, activation.jar, soap.jar and xerces.jar on my CLASSPATH but
	still I get the java.lang.NoClassFoundError:javax/mail/MessagingException
	when When I run my program.
	Please Heeelp, Have any one faced the same problem while configuring your
	SOAP and Tomcat?
	Thank you,

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