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From Sanjiva Weerawarana <>
Subject Re: odd reflective stuff
Date Sat, 06 Aug 2005 06:40:45 GMT
On Fri, 2005-08-05 at 18:26 -0700, WJCarpenter wrote:
> I happened across this stuff in org.apache.soap.encoding.SOAPMappingRegistry.
> Those Class.forName() calls struck me as a little odd.  It's mainly
> curiosity, but I wonder why those things were instantiated
> reflectively instead of just via new like so many other serializers in
> that same source file.

Hi Bill - it was done to avoid having to require users to have the XMI
jars in the classpath. This way if it failed a ClassNotFoundException
would be thrown and none of the code will execute. Users who don't care
about XMI won't know the difference.


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