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From "Paul Oehler" <>
Subject Apache vs Helma inconsistencies
Date Wed, 07 Nov 2001 02:29:28 GMT
Sorry for duplicate copies, I'm not sure which is the correct list to send

I keep getting the impression that the version of the source in the cvs tree is an older version of the source at  I'm noticing small differences here and there, for
example, in the apache version, there is no mention of John Wilson's MinML
parser (it isn't set as default, or even mentioned in, while it
is used in the Helma package.  Also in apache version of, the
static final int NIL = 8;
can be found, but I remember reading that this 'feature' had been removed,
and in fact, it does not exist in the helma source tree.  If in fact these
differences aren't supposed to exists between the versions, I think the
whole package should be moved again to's cvs, to make sure
there aren't any other versioning problems.  This would of course require
renaming the package and import statements to reflect the apache name.

Then again, I am just getting into using this library, and there may be
perfectly good reasons for the two inconsistencies I've stated, so set me
straight if I'm just confused.

Paul Oehler

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