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From Jason van Zyl <>
Subject Re: Apache vs Helma inconsistencies
Date Wed, 07 Nov 2001 03:21:46 GMT
On 11/6/01 9:29 PM, "Paul Oehler" <> wrote:

> Sorry for duplicate copies, I'm not sure which is the correct list to send
> to.

The version at apache is now 'the' version :-)
> I keep getting the impression that the version of the source in the
> cvs tree is an older version of the source at
>  I'm noticing small differences here and there, for
> example, in the apache version, there is no mention of John Wilson's MinML
> parser (it isn't set as default, or even mentioned in, while it
> is used in the Helma package.  Also in apache version of, the
> line
> static final int NIL = 8;
> can be found, but I remember reading that this 'feature' had been removed,
> and in fact, it does not exist in the helma source tree.  If in fact these
> differences aren't supposed to exists between the versions, I think the
> whole package should be moved again to's cvs, to make sure
> there aren't any other versioning problems.  This would of course require
> renaming the package and import statements to reflect the apache name.
> Then again, I am just getting into using this library, and there may be
> perfectly good reasons for the two inconsistencies I've stated, so set me
> straight if I'm just confused.
> thanks,
> Paul Oehler



Jason van Zyl

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