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From Rick Blair <>
Subject XML as a string parameter to methods.
Date Mon, 04 Feb 2002 14:32:10 GMT
Hi all,

Sorry if this is an FAQ, but I cannot find an archive of this list.

I just upgraded to the latest relase (1.0) I was using an old Helma release.  (It still supported
the NULL data type)

I have several methods that take a string that is a concatenation of several XML documents.
The XML Decl <?xml version ...> 
appears several times in the string.  This used to pass through just fine, but now I get a
parse error from xmlrpc stating that
[xX] [mM] [lL] is an illegal processing instruction target.

So how do I pass xml as a string parameter.  Seems to me that the params should be unparsed
charactor  data, not parsed



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