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From "Richie McMahon" <>
Subject RE: Thread Behavior - Deadlock
Date Wed, 20 Feb 2002 09:23:41 GMT
I was just about to report this very fault...

We use xmlrpc between our server and loadtest agents. As the OP points out,
the runners threadgroup seems to remains active even after calling


If you wait long enough on Win2K, the threads evenutally do shutdown (but
print stacktraces to the console). On Linux, it seems like they remain up
indefinitely - any attempt to form new connections over the same ports
results in a 'Address already in use' type runtime exception.

This reminds me of another improvement I'd like to see. Currently, the
WebServer class dumps exceptions to the console during execution. This
looks really bad if the console output is being captured to a report.
Is there any way this could be either:

a) Configurable based on XmlRpc.debug like I've seen in some other parts
   of the code.
b) Better yet, allow for some installable 'error handler' that allows the
   exceptions to be dealt with in an application specific manner.


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> []On Behalf Of Daniel Rall
> Sent: 20 February 2002 02:13
> To:
> Subject: Re: Thread Behavior - Deadlock
> "EXT-Raiteri, Ashley L" <> writes:
> > As  a newbie I am embarrassed to ask this question:
> > but, is everyone Certain that the current implementation with
> Thread Groups,
> > and using the Shutdown method will actually terminate an instantiated
> > WebServer object?
> I am not certain.
> > Our client instantiates a Webserver to process it's xmlrpc
> calls, and then
> > when the client is told to shutdown,
> > it calls the Shutdown method in WebServer.
> > But looking my debugger it doesn't look like the Thread created by the
> > Webserver ever terminates.
> > I have verified that the Webserver run methods does complete
> and exit, but
> > for some reason there seems to be something else waiting....
> If you would file an issue in the issue tracker
> (, and attach code and describe the
> steps to reproduce the problem, someone will take a look at it.
> Dan


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