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From "Simon Hardy-Francis" <>
Subject java as xml rpc (v1.1) server whitespace string parsing problem
Date Wed, 15 May 2002 15:23:07 GMT
The xml rpc client passes a struct to the xml rpc server with the following member:

    <member><name>STATE</name><value><string> </string></value></member>

Note: The string value is a single space character; "<space>". The above snippet was
copied from the Java "TCP Tunnel/Monitor".

On the Java xml rpc server side then when I inspect the Hashtable key called STATE then I
get a zero length string and not the single space character string as expected.

All other strings and types work as expected. If the client sends STATE="<space>X" instead
of STATE="<space>" then "<spaceX" arrives as expected.

Is this a "known feature"?

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