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From "Phil Wilson" <>
Subject Re: Falut object
Date Tue, 14 May 2002 01:31:00 GMT

Hi Michael,

Using the apache XML-RPC library you just catch your error and then throw an
XmlRpcException like this:

    catch (AnException e)
      throw new XmlRpcException(faultCode, faultString);

this will be encoded and sent as a fault for you.

Is that what you were after?


> Is it possible to send back a Fault object? According to the XML-RPC
> specs all fault objects must wrap the faultCode and faultString members
> in a struct, that in a value and the value within a <fault> tag. I can
> certainly construct a Hastable with faultCode and faultString but how
> does one identify it as a fault?

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