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Subject Hanging
Date Thu, 02 May 2002 09:11:14 GMT

I'm using  an XML-RPC server (with a servlet to accept incoming post
request) on top of an OSGI framework (more precisely the implementation
made by Prosyst).

While testing this configuration I discovered one problem in the
XmlRpcClientLite class, method sendRequest (byte[] request). It seems that
the call to output.flush (); after writting the request does not actually
flush the stream. When I launch the client, the server hangs in the fist
attempt to read something on the stream (actually in the first call to in MinML) and when I kill the client, then the server finally
parse the stream and handle the request (but too late, the client is
already gone).

I solved this problem by calling  socket.shutdownOutput(); just after
output.flush (); and now it works fine. But I still miss the point here and
I'd like to understand why it didn't worked before and why this little
change makes it run. Any ideas ?

Pierre Rust

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