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From Felix Noz <>
Subject xml-rpc for local communication ?
Date Wed, 12 Jun 2002 14:14:58 GMT
Hi everyone,
I'm currently developing a rather local (it will probably run on the same
machine) client-server system to couple perl with java. The result shall be
this scenario:

- a Perl task sends a message to a Java class to create a new rpc client
- the Java client does rpc's at a server implemented by Perl
- the Perl task continues when Java has done the work
there can be many instances of perl tasks and java threads, but each client
belongs to exactly one server

Because of the standardisazion I prefer existing protocolls instead of an
own implementation of socket communication so I've implemented apache xml-rpc
(for testing the server is currently also implemented in java). 
Now there's a problem: xml-rpc seems to open a new connection for every
procedure call so the client doesn't know which server task it belongs to and vv
when more than one procedure call is done. Is there a solution to use the
same connection for a particular client-server instance until the Java client
side has finished ? 
If not, how can I realize many client-server instances (in own threads) so
that one client belongs to one server and is 100% identificated  ? 
Is xml-rpc the right thing for a local communtication or is it rather only
appropiate for web-services or long distance communication ?
Thanks and bye

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