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From Felix Noz <>
Subject Re: xml-rpc for local communication ?
Date Mon, 17 Jun 2002 10:34:31 GMT
Sorry if this message doesn't display properly in the thread but
unfortunately I lost my mails so I have to refer to the mailing list archive. Simon:
thanks a lot for your answer. That's almost what I wanted although I hoped there
would be a more simple solution but I will try it now. The main purpose I
use xml-rpc is to get a Java interface to a Perl shop system which is running
on an apache web server. With the interface it shall be possible to execute
arbitrary Java classes from the perl code and to call back certain public perl
methods from the Java side. The java side doesn't have to return important
values but false or true if the rpc was successfull or not. To get a better
overview, a quick scenario without a particular rpc solution:

- The webserver gets a request and starts the execution of the Perl shop
- The Perl side recognizes (e.g. by a conf file) that there is Java code to
be executed
- The Perl side sends a message to the Java side that it can execute it's
code now
- The Java side executes and calls Perl Methods to get or set certain values
- The Java side indicates that it has finished executing
- The Perl side continues executing it's own code.

Hence there is a webserver there can be many calls at once so that there are
many tasks/ threads up with many connections. That's why I also need the
session management. I wonder if there isn't a implementation yet which holds a
connection beween two peers until one has finished and instead opening a new
one for each method call. 
By the way: if I call a simple method in a loop there will be a at about 4500 calls because there are no more ports left. Although
it's rather seldom that there are so many rpc calls it's too critical in my
opinion. Any solutions for that ?

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