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From John Perrotto <>
Subject Problems with setting HTTP Keepalive
Date Mon, 10 Jun 2002 19:24:24 GMT
Hi All,

I'm using an HttpServlet to host my XmlRpcServer.  I want to enable the
HTTP keep-alive feature between my client and server apps.  I've called
the method XmlRpc.setKeepAlive(true) on the server and client-side.  My
Java client is using the
org.apache.xmlrpc.XmlRpcClient.SecureXmlRpcClient and indeed the HTTP
header being sent in the client request contains "connection -
Keep-Alive" BUT it appears that a new connection is being made by the
client with each request.  The same thing is happening as well if I use
an XmlRpcClient or XmlRpcClientLite client object.   The funny thing is
that I also have a COM based client application that's hitting this same
XmlRpc Servlet and it's working properly reusing the same connection.
Does anybody have any clues or suggestions?   Am I missing some
configuration parameter?  Could there be a problem with any of these
Apache client implementations?  Thanks in advance for you help!


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