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From "EXT-Raiteri, Ashley L" <>
Subject RE: NullPointerException on server close
Date Mon, 24 Jun 2002 17:39:33 GMT
Hi guys, this is a result of an incomplete fix by me for the WebServer
shutdown, if you think it's unprofession for a
system to have a null pointer exception, just imagine how unprofessional it
was on our Command and Control system to have a
process that never shutsdown!  (In Java if you have ANY active threads, you
cannot stop the JVM)
anyway, there are some easy fixes for this that i just never had the time to
do, any one who wants to fix it is welcome, just modify the shutdown code to
catch the exception, or better yet, put in a semaphore (maybe mutexed) so
that the existence is checked for before using the null pointer.

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From: Brian Dobby []
Sent: Friday, June 21, 2002 4:31 AM
Subject: NullPointerException on server close

Hi, I'm just trying xmlrpc for the first time. I'm impressed with its
ease of use, but I do have one problem with it; I always get a null
pointer exception reported when the WebServer closes, and this doesn't
look good in a production system. 

I create the WebServer like this:
   myserver = new WebServer(m_apiPort);
   myserver.addHandler("MyRPC", myClass);

I stop it like this:

I get this at the console:
Closing XML-RPC server socket.
Exception in XML-RPC listener loop ( Socket
Closing XML-RPC server socket.
Hit uncaught exception java.lang.NullPointerException

This happens whether or not I actually run a client. I'm running with
JDK 1.3 under Windows 2000 Server. Does anyone know what I'm doing


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