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From "Kenny Smith" <>
Subject NoSuchMethodException
Date Wed, 05 Jun 2002 22:06:13 GMT

I've worked through my previous problems, and I've been able to
successfullly make some simple RPCs. I'm moving onto more complex tasks and
running into a "NoSuchMethodException: provisionNewVirtualDomain". I was
able to make an RPC with one String parameter. Is my problem that I'm using
a String and an Integer? Code snippets are below.

Am I missing some newbie mistake? If not, can anyone point me to a resource
to help me solve my problem?

Kenny Smith

-- Code Snippets --

String method = "sharedCustomer.provisionNewVirtualDomain" ;
Vector params = new Vector() ;
params.add( new Integer( 12345 ) );
Boolean result = (Boolean)client.execute( method , params ) ;

This is how I am adding my handler:

xmlrpc.addHandler ("sharedCustomer", new SharedCustomerTaskHandler());

And here is the method declaration:

public boolean provisionNewVirtualDomain( String ip , Integer domainId )

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