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From Oscar Knapp - soly <>
Subject server timeout
Date Tue, 23 Jul 2002 20:40:20 GMT
Hello all, 

I'm using XML-RPC for tranportation of data between a server that
collects data from various databases and a webserver.
The databasequeries can take quite an amount of time, up to 6 min. in
some cases. The problem I'm facing is, that after (about) 300 seconds
the xml-rpc client (php) dies with a "No Data received from the
server" message. 
I looked at the source code of the xml-rpc server of apache, but found
only two timeout values applicable, one as of 30 seconds (30 000 ms)
and a socket timeout with a value of 4096 ms. 
Are there other values that influence the timeout behavior?

Thanks for your help,

Oscar Knapp

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