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From Daniel Rall <>
Subject Re: XMLRPC Servlet and config file for handlers
Date Wed, 24 Jul 2002 17:41:10 GMT
"Mark Proctor (mproctor)" <> writes:

> I managed to get the javascript library vcXMLRPC working with modified
> version of XmlRpcProxy servlet - I removed the existing handler and
> added one of my own. Having to state handlers at compile time is a real
> pain and made me realise that really handlers need to be dynamically
> added by a configuration file and by other programs in the system. Has
> anyone started work on this?

Things already work this way; stating handlers at compile time is

Here's example config from Fulcrum's XML-RPC service:

  services.XmlRpcService.handler.file = org.apache.fulcrum.xmlrpc.util.FileHandler

See its code for an example of how to do it:

Daniel Rall <>

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