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From Daniel Rall <>
Subject Re: Downloading xmlprc answer from server (progress),
Date Fri, 15 Nov 2002 00:12:36 GMT
"Nikolajus Krauklis" <> writes:

> Qst: How to count progress of downloading xmlrpc answer from server.
> Theorically where is one best solution for this question: in XMLRPC
> spec - "The Content-Length must be specified and must be correct."
> so you know how many information will be transfered, and in the
> client side you know how many bytes you have trasfered. So you can
> count percenteges how many bytes left to download.
> But is this so easy to complete ? And why i can't find this solution
> throught all internet. Noone talks about it :/
> Is this posible to make so ? for example i try python xmlrpclib and
> org.apache.xmlrpc and also delphi codepunk component, but if you
> want to make progress in this way you should to tweek packages for
> yourself, why?

It's possible that no one else had a need for it yet.

Daniel Rall <>

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