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From "Oliver" <>
Subject Problem with byte[]
Date Fri, 10 Jan 2003 13:21:43 GMT

I'm new in java and xml-rpc and I have a big problem: if I call procedure
via PHP then I get a correct byte[] (100kB JPG file) but with
java+apache.xmlrpc i got incorrect byte [] array (size is 102kb). I compared
the context of files and I saw that first 55 bytes are same, but following
bytes are different. Where is problem?

My code is:
	import org.apache.xmlrpc.*;
      Hashtable v1=(Hashtable)xmlrpc.execute("name.of.service", params);
      String myname=(String)v2.get("myname");		//this is correct
      byte mypic[]=(byte[])v2.get("mybic");		//this isn't correct

Thanks for any help,

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