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From "Jason Wyatt" <>
Subject looong connection timeout if server down
Date Wed, 22 Jan 2003 07:30:08 GMT

I used XML-RPC on a project recently and it was pretty good, except I had a
problem with a very long timeout if the server went down. It seems the
timeout was quick when we were developing under Windows (~30seconds) but
when we deployed to Solaris the timeout was around 3-4 minutes.This was a
bit of a problem because our client's remote devices which run the XML-RPC
server may or may not be available at any given time.

We considered changing the kernel socket connect timeout settings on the
XML-RPC client machine, but this seemed like a risky option as it could
adversely affect other internet services. I had a look at hacking the
XML_RPC client but gave up once I got down to http and couldn't see an
obvious connect timeout setting.

Is there an easy programmatic way of changing the connection timeout that I
am missing here? I would seriously like to use XML-PRC again on a new
project, but the socket timeout issue is a vote against it.

Any help with this would be kindly appreciated.

Thanks in advance,

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